Free software for tracking Spin&Go and HU SNG
Hypertracker works with Windows OS, poker rooms Pokerstars.com, Pokerstars reservations, Winamax and Partypoker. It tracks Spin&Go and HU SNG of all speeds. You need to save files with hand histories and tournament summaries on your computer from poker rooms. And you should add your screennames in Hypertracker's settings. Read the instructions, how to do it:
General information
Session tab
On Session you'll see collected data. To choose period click on dates and you'll see a calendar.

In the filters, you can filter stakes if you play a few. And choose the currency in which the data will be displayed. The default is dollars.
All tournaments or Reliable tournaments
Sometimes a disconnect happens in a tournament or the Hypertreker does not have time to access any files. Thus, a session may display incomplete information about the tournament. Previously, such tournaments were not sent to our database, and after rebooting the computer or leaving the tracker when re-entering, they were not displayed in the session.

Now we keep all tournaments, even if the information on them is incomplete –we don't have tournament summary or there are not enough hands in hand histories. In the filters you can choose whether you show all tournaments or only with full information – reliable tournaments.

Save tournaments
We automatically send tournaments to the database, but if the incomplete tournament turns out to be the last in the game session and you will not log out of the program via the Settings tab, the tournament may not go. This button will send such a tournament to the database. In fact, this is an additional insurance that all tournaments will fall into the database.
Edit stats
This button will open editing of stats, which you can show in session.
Choose what you want to display. The Lock stats button blocks the display of statistics on the parameters that you have disabled. You can set any period of blocking. For example, this is convenient if you do not want to watch your EV during the game month, but you play in the pool and have to play with Hypertracker enabled.
Clear Session
This button will reset your game session. The data will not disappear, you can always load them again, but this is convenient if you want to start the countdown of the game session from scratch.
Profit calc
This is a profit calculator for pool members. It shows how much a player will earn in a pool based on his results and the results of the whole team.
Verification tab
On this tab players verify the results if they play in the pool. For verification, you need to insert direct links to the hand histories and audit.
This tab can be used not only for verification in the pool, but also if you just want to upload your game results to our database and watch them on Session tab for different periods.

Please note that we only receive the calculated EV values and do not receive the original hand histories. Therefore, Hypertracker has been approved by PokerStars and is on the list of allowed programs during the game.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@hyperschool.ru
Actual version 1.46
What's new:
- EV tracking on 5s and 25s euro after changes in multipliers structure